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Exhibition Recap & Highlights - TAITRONICS x AIoT Taiwan 2024

TAITRONICS & AIoT Taiwan 2023 has showcased latest technologies in technologies and applications related to AI technology, smart IoT, next-generation communications, innovation, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronics & instrumentation, green energy, automation, and more. Being one of the best ICT tradeshows in Taiwan, TAITRONICS & AIoT Taiwan 2024 will return on October. 23 to 25, 2024. Save the date to exhibit to showcase your products or attend the show to be the first to discover the latest innovations and business opportunities. Follow the official website and social media for the latest information. Official Website: Facebook:

KAOHSIUNG FOOD SHOW x KAOHSIUNG HORECA 2023Welcoming Industry Professionals globally

The shows are highlighted with the themes "Agri & Seafood Delicacy" and "Savory Supply Chain," The event brings together over 280 well-known domestic and international companies, showcasing more than 500 booths. The exhibits cover a wide range of fresh agricultural products, seafood, processed food and beverages, food processing equipment, packaging machinery, cleaning supplies, hotel bedding, and furniture. Additionally, exhibitors from 11 countries, including Germany, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and India, present a variety of international specialties such as seafood, canned goods, nuts, and alcoholic beverages. During the shows, a diverse range of activities are held, including the 2023 Taiwan Foods Procurement Day (Kaohsiung), SDGs Seminar, Celebrity Cooking Shows, Yummy Product Shows, Joint Tasting Session, Joint Auctions, daily Lucky Draws, and other activities are held to allow visitors to gain in-depth insights into the latest trends in the food industry. For more details of the shows in 2024, please visit the official websites: &

Taiwan International Water Week 2023 | Exhibition Recap & Highlights

TIWW 2023 has showcased advanced technologies in wastewater treatment, desalination, smart water management, and water filtration and purification. Being the one and only B2B water tradeshow in Taiwan, TIWW returns on Sept. 11 to 13, 2024. Save the date to exhibit to showcase your products or attend the show to be the first to discover the latest water innovations and business opportunities. Follow the TIWW official website and social media for the latest information. 💧Official Website: 💧Facebook: 💧LinkedIn:

TADTE 2023 | Exhibition Recap & Highlights

Are you ready? Let's rotate in sky, exploring the universe together once again! After a 4-year anticipation, the aerospace, defense, UAV, and space spotlight illuminated Taiwan over the last 3 days. With the participation of 10 nations and nearly 300 exhibitors, TADTE attracted over 30,000 visitors, marking its highest global participation ever and solidifying its status as a must-visit international event. The next TADTE is scheduled to return in September 2025. Stay tuned for updates! 🌐 🌐

Be yourself, Be stylish @ DG Taiwan 2024

Be yourself, Be stylish!!! DG Taiwan 2024 (Designed Giftionery Taiwan) Welcome to DG Taiwan 2024, the evolution of the "Taipei International Gift, Stationery & Culture Creative Show." We've transitioned into DG Taiwan, where our focus centers on three key pillars: "Design & Novelty," "Customized," and "Eco-friendly." Join us to elevate your brand in a world of exceptional gifts, stationery, and home décor, and unlock a lifestyle that embraces uniqueness and style.

FOODS MOSAIC – Two Foreigners Compete to Find the Best Taiwanese Food!

KOL Allan and Wes visited Kaohsiung Food Show 2023 to explore the passion and local flavors of southern Taiwan. They indulged in a variety of delicacies, from mountain treasures to seafood, showcasing the diverse global culinary experiences available without leaving the country. Come and see what they discovered! 2023 Kaohsiung Food Show successfully concluded on October 29th, attracting over 14,500 visitors from both domestic and international markets for exhibition and procurement. The next exhibition is scheduled for October 24th to 27th, 2024, at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. For more information about the show, please visit the official website:

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