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【COMPUTEX AMD CEO Keynote】AMD Advancing the High-Performance Computing Experience

We are excited that you are joining us from around the world for the speech that we all have been waiting for. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing – Dr. Lisa Su, Chair and CEO of AMD.


Food Taipei 2023 has partnered with renowned KOL- Lukas to bring you a tantalizing showcase of delicacies during the event. Join Lukas as he takes us through the highlights and flavors of Food Taipei 2023! The 2023 edition of Food Taipei Mega Shows featured an impressive gathering of 1,498 exhibitors from 31 countries, presenting their exceptional products and services across 4,118 booths. This grand event successfully attracted over 46,000 visitors from 93 countries. For more information about the show, please visit the official website: FOOD TAIPEI:

FOODS MOSAIC – Taiwan Culinary VS Global Delicacy

Food Taipei 2023 is collaborating with international YouTuber Allan, who invites representatives from international pavilions to taste Taiwanese cuisine and demonstrate the products that will be showcased during the event. This cultural and culinary exchange offers a glimpse of what you can expect at FOOD TAIPEI. To explore global delicacies, don't miss out on the international pavilion at Food Taipei, located on the 4th floor of Taipei Nangan Exhibition Center Hall 2 from June 14-17. FOOD TAIPEI MEGA SHOWS 2023 will take place at TaiNEX 1 & 2 from June 14 to 17, featuring around 1,100 companies occupying more than 4,000 booths in this grand event. We welcome you to visit the shows, where the entire food supply chain—from upstream to downstream—will be presented, showcasing the latest food trends and technologies. Admission June 14-16: for business professionals only. June 17: for both business professionals and the general public.

We Showcase Innovations- Come and Unveil TTS 2023!!

Each year, TAITRA holds more than 30 international Taiwan Trade Shows and attracts more than 10,000 exhibitors, local and global, and over 80,000 international visitors from various industries by numerous events. In short, we showcase innovations, onsite and offline. Great shows are coming, come and unveil TTS 2023!

Let Louis Show you the Best of Kaohsiung Food Show!

Kaohsiung Food Show is the most professional food show in Southern Taiwan. Held in conjunction with Kaohsiung HORECA, the two shows present a complete supply chain of food industry. The show brings together featured products throughout Taiwan and international delicacies. Along with Culinary Challenge, Celebrity Cooking Show and Yummy Lucky Draw held during show dates, the four-date event is a must-vist food festival for everyone. Now, the KOL Live Tour will show you the best of Kaohsiung Food Show! For more information, please visit the official websites:

【COMPUTEX Micron CEO Keynote】The Era of Pervasive, Data-Driven Experiences

We are excited that you are joining us from around the world for the speech that we all have been waiting for. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing – Mr. David Moore. Mr. David Moore is senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Micron Technology. He leads corporate strategy, corporate development and global communications and marketing. Today, Mr. David Moore joins COMPUTEX to share with us “The Era of Pervasive, Data-Driven Experiences”.

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