【2020 Food Taipei Mega Shows 】 Y-FANG SEALING MACHINE

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"ET-533 compact cup sealer:
1. Low-cost and high productivity, take-out and storefront model.
2. Suitable for many materials (PE, PP, paper and easy tear film).
3. Leak-free sealing ensures safety, hygiene, and good product image
4. Automatic error code detection.
5. Security door design for added safety

ET-55VGF sealer (Modified Atmosphere Packaging):
1. Food packaging for restaurants, shops, supermarkets, households, and food processing plants.
2. Can be used for frozen, cold or fresh foods as well as any product which can be put in a container, such as microwaved foods, preserved foods, cold/hot foods, agricultural products, dry foods, cosmetics, medicine or plastic items.
3. Gas flushing: Seal with N2, CO2, O2, etc. to keep food fresh.
4. German-made Busch pump can perform independent vacuum packaging, MAP packaging and Skin packing.
5. Quick change mold design allows for one machine to seal various sized containers for improved efficiency.
FOOD TAIPEI MEGA SHOWS is the most comprehensive and globalized professional food sourcing platform in Taiwan. This platform provides an excellent medium for up-, mid- and downstream producers to exchange the latest industry information
and technology insighttps://www.taipeipack.com.tw/en/index.htmlhts. The 2021 edition will be held on July 23-26. Everyone is welcome to go on a rewarding global journey of excellent food. Visit our website for more information.
Official Website: https://www.taipeipack.com.tw/en/index.html"