2022 Food Taipei Mega Shows Live Tours - Nigeria Pavilion

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Nigeria located in the tropical region of West Africa – has tropical humid climate but distinct dry and wet seasons. It is suitable for growing agricultural and food products like cocoa, cashew nuts, peanuts, beans, soyabeans, Shea nuts, tigernuts, moringa, cassava, sesame, gum Arabic, spices (ginger, garlic, pepper, turmeric) and so on.
The quality of the products exported conforms to international standards and is a country of award-winning raw materials, Hence, it is recommended to Taiwanese to import or do business with.

FOOD TAIPEI MEGA SHOWS is the most comprehensive and globalized professional food sourcing platform in Taiwan. This platform comprehensively represents the entire food industry supply chain, from upstream to downstream — facilitating one-stop procurement for global operators.

Official Website:
FOOD TAIPEI: https://reurl.cc/KxE48p
TAIPEI PACK: https://reurl.cc/AgX438
FOODTECH TAIPEI: https://reurl.cc/KxE4O9
BIO/PHARMATECH TAIWAN: https://reurl.cc/KxE4O9
TAIWAN HORECA: https://reurl.cc/pm8rpx