Future of Sports Tech ▎E-bike Micropayment

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TOPIC: E-bike Micropayment

SPEAKER: Samuel IJsselmuiden / Founder & CEO / Swugo

1. New opportunities that are changing today that are making new innovation in the cycling industry include Circular Economy, Digital & Electronic Technologies, and Customer Expectations
2. Fairphone: Sustainable cell phone that allows you to repair individual parts that had failed.
3. Today Innovation is not ab out creating new products, it’s about tailoring services to your customers’ needs.
4. What are service models and why they are interesting.
5. How are subscription models different?
6. Swapfiets: a popular monthly bicycle subscription program
7. Without a working battery, any e-bike becomes worthless
8. Problem of Batteries: Complex, costly, and short lifecycle.
9. Solution: Electrification as a Service that transforms the most expensive part of an e-bike into a revenue generating asset.
10. Circular Battery Research