Future of Sports Tech ▎Sustainability in the cycling industry & Shift Climate Commitment

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TOPIC: Sustainability in the cycling industry & Shift Climate Commitment

SPEAKER: Eric Bronsvoort / Founder of Circular Cycling/ Director of Shift Cycling Culture Foundation

1. Shift Cycling Culture: To bring CEOs together to discuss our goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030, and of being climate neutral by 2050 can be done.
2. Climate Commitment: The biggest impact is in supply chain. So the 14 CEOs wrote a letter to the industry which developed in to “Climate Commitment” signed by 50 companies after it’s launched. Taiwanese companies are invited to sign it, because it’ll be a signal to your customers that you are ready to join them on the challenges. They want to make the cycling industry an example which is not only providing a clean mode of transport but also innovative low-carbon products.
3. Circular Economy: Linear Model caused both ecological and economic waste. The biggest impact of bicycle is in the pre-use phase. Concepts of Circular Economy include NO finite resources, NO pollution, NO waste.