Taiwan International Water Week 2023 | Exhibition Recap & Highlights

TIWW 2023 has showcased advanced technologies in wastewater treatment, desalination, smart water management, and water filtration and purification. Being the one and only B2B water tradeshow in Taiwan, TIWW returns on Sept. 11 to 13, 2024. Save the date to exhibit to showcase your products or attend the show to be the first to discover the latest water innovations and business opportunities. Follow the TIWW official website and social media for the latest information. 💧Official Website:https://www.taiwanintlwaterweek.com/en/index.html 💧Facebook:https://facebook.com/taiwanwatershow 💧LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/company/tiww

2023 TAIPEI CYCLE: Envision A Better Cycling World.

TAIPEI CYCLE 2023: 3/22-25 @TaiNEX 1 &2 TAIPEI CYCLE DigitalGo 2023:3/22 - 4/07 . TAIPEI CYCLE Official website: https://www.taipeicycle.com.tw/en/index.html . [~Watch in full screen mode and turn up the volume~] . Special thanks to #besv #bryton #IdealBike @gwmanufacturing5200 @novatecwheels SY bikes #WellgoPedal @PlayScreenStudio (production team) for helping TAIPEI CYCLE to make the best film ever.

Energy Taiwan 2022– Perfect Business Platform for Renewable Energy

2022 Energy Taiwan concludes with more than a thousand booths, a new record in its scale, this exhibition drew as many as 19,487 visitors over three days, reaching a new high in attendance with a growth of 25% from the previous year.

2022 Energy Taiwan Press Confernce

While many countries embrace the Net-zero vision, the local market for green power is also booming in Taiwan and there are demands for advancements in carbon-reduction technology. Against this backdrop, ENERGY TAIWAN 2022 reached a record high of 1000 booths, representing an increase of 43%, among which PV Taiwan and Wind Energy Taiwan in particular, attracted numerous key players and international developers. Energy Taiwan 2022 will take place Oct 19-21, 2022 in TaiNEX 1. Its pre-show press conference will take place at 13: 30 Oct. 18 (GMT+8), stay tuned for the live stream.

Energy Taiwan 2022– Perfect Business Platform for Renewable Energy

Energy Taiwan will take place 19-21 Oct., 2022 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1). It is the best platform for business matching in the renewable energy industry. In this video, we will talk about: -The condition of energy generation in Taiwan -Taiwan’s advantages of renewable energy development -Taiwan’s installed capacity of renewable energy -Taiwan’s renewable energy policies and targets -How to seize your business opportunities in Taiwan Visit ENERGY TAIWAN 2022! Official Website: https://www.energytaiwan.com.tw FB: https://reurl.cc/l5yeMY

2022 Food Taipei Mega Shows Live Tours – AVATACK

AVATACK develops products with the aim of fostering and driving a circular economy. When designing a product, we consider how to optimize sustainability during its production and use. Our environmentally friendly materials not only enable enterprises to reach their ESG goals but also add value to their brands. With expertise in polymer formulations and adhesive technology and over 60 years in the industry, we create sustainable drop-in solutions that meet stringent requirements for food packaging, agriculture and other industries. Our team is specialized in utilizing various biodegradable resin, PCR, PIR, marine degradable resin, etc. to produce compounded eco-friendly materials that can be used in various production processes like injection, extrusion sheeting, blowing, and lamination. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD TAIPEI MEGA SHOWS is the most comprehensive and globalized professional food sourcing platform in Taiwan. This platform comprehensively represents the entire food industry supply chain, from upstream to downstream — facilitating one-stop procurement for global operators. Official Website: FOOD TAIPEI: https://reurl.cc/KxE48p TAIPEI PACK: https://reurl.cc/AgX438 FOODTECH TAIPEI: https://reurl.cc/KxE4O9 BIO/PHARMATECH TAIWAN: https://reurl.cc/KxE4O9 TAIWAN HORECA: https://reurl.cc/pm8rpx

2022 Food Taipei Mega Shows Live Tours – Minima

Minima is a global company founded on the principle of sustainable and innovative technology. All the products are completely biodegradable and based on sustainable, naturally-derived polymers, and completely free of BPA, phthalates and harmful plasticizers. Compounding Plant: compostable polymer alloys Blowing Plant: Compostable Vegetable & Fruit Packaging Bags, Compostable Cling Film, Compostable Roll Star Produce Bag, Compostable Bread Bags, Compostable T-Shirt Bag, Compostable Carry Bag, Compostable Zipper Bag, doggy poo bag, Compostable Gloves, Mulch Film Injection Plant: Compostable Cutlery, Coating Plant: Compostable Hot Cups, Compostable Hot Cup Lids Straw Plant: Compostable Straws Thermal Forming: Compostable Cold Cups, Compostable C Cold Cup Lids, deli container ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD TAIPEI MEGA SHOWS is the most comprehensive and globalized professional food sourcing platform in Taiwan. This platform comprehensively represents the entire food industry supply chain, from upstream to downstream — facilitating one-stop procurement for global operators. Official Website: FOOD TAIPEI: https://reurl.cc/KxE48p TAIPEI PACK: https://reurl.cc/AgX438 FOODTECH TAIPEI: https://reurl.cc/KxE4O9 BIO/PHARMATECH TAIWAN: https://reurl.cc/KxE4O9 TAIWAN HORECA: https://reurl.cc/pm8rpx

[Energy Taiwan] Sysgration New Product Launch

The leading company of Inteligent IoT, Sysgration Ltd. have been devoted to the energy storage and battery development for many years. In order to “Power-up” the energy market, Sysgration partnered with world known global smart AR leading company, Realwear to bring up the innovation on the industry. Since Sysgration establish ESS department, our energy storage division is to towards to the development layout of the lithium battery industry. Structural Design: Follows the strength design of the car regulations to ensure the product. System Develop: Self-developed BMS, the intelligent battery management system. Manufacturing surface: Established a lithium battery system production base certified by vehicle regulations. Safety Concerns: Safety design passed Panasonic's high standard safety design assessment. Based on the existing energy storage technology, Sysgration has also produce ultra-high rate future products, 4C/4C, 10C/10C large-scale energy storage with charging and discharging capabilities, providing a more efficient choice for the grid frequency modulation market. Our customers can provide FM application services with a lower cost and in a more efficient usage space. At the same time, we have also launched UPS dedicated lithium battery products with a continuous discharge capacity of 50C and an instantaneous discharge capacity of 100C. Through these new products, our customers can plan a more economical, space reduce backup and anti-voltage drop system. Sysgration not only understands the needs of customers, but also provides more economical, more efficient and safer lithium battery solutions. We are pleased to invite you to the ENERGY TAIWAN 2020 from October 14th, 2020 to October 16th, 2020 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The idea of this event is to give an update on new trends and technologies on the Lithium Battery and the energy storage equipment of the Lithium Battery. We look forward to your attendance.

[Energy Taiwan] Yulon Motor New Product Launch

Yulon Motor is a professional automobile and electric vehicle manufacturer, who possess many years of battery production experience. With its advanced technology, Yulon is actively dedicating in energy storage industry. Yulon Motor adopts German Trumpf solid-state laser welding equipment, which has concentrated heat input, small heat-affected area and is able to continuously output high-power. It is suitable for iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and titanium. It can be applied in high quality EV module or cell as well as energy storage products. Yulon Motor is also equipped with high-power battery quality control equipment, which can perform the charge and discharge test in temperature environmental test.

[Energy Taiwan] CIP New Product Launch

The Changfang and Xidao Offshore Wind Project (CFXD), developed by CIP, is a 600 MW capacity project located off the western coast of Changhua, Taiwan. CFXD reached financial close in February 2020 and is currently under construction, expecting first power in 2022 and commercial operation date in 2024. Once completed, CFXD will generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 650,000 Taiwanese households. Since CIP’s arrival in Taiwan in 2017, over 80 local companies have been engaged either directly or indirectly in the development and construction of CFXD. In 2019, the Project’s Industrial Relevance Plan secured approval from the Industrial Development Bureau, which falls under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Together with the Zhongneng Project, CFXD meets localisation requirements across all aspects of procurement and construction, including foundation fabrication, wind turbine subcomponents manufacture, and offshore transportation and installation.

[Energy Taiwan] HLOWFP New Product Launch

Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm Project, including Hai Long 2 and Hong Long 3 under site number 18 and 19, is located around 45-55km off the Changhua coast, with water depth about 35-55m. The project is jointly developed by Northland Power Inc., Yushan Energy Pte. Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. The total capacity reaches 1,044MW.

[Energy Taiwan] Dr. Renewable New Product Launch

Henrys Group, started from the first one, HENRYS CORPORATION, which found in 2008. With over 10 years’ experience in the solar distribution industry. Founder, Henry has been focused on sourcing the highest quality products from the world‘s leading brands. Also, Henrys Group are combining extensive technical knowledge and unparalleled customer service to meet clients need for every solar project. 1. Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, who is the world’s most bankable inverter brand with over 120 GW installed worldwide as H1, 2020. 2. Sungrow C&I inverter series, SG33CX and SG110CX, string inverter SG60KTL and central inverter SG1250UD are certificated VPC for Taiwan market. 3. Tigo Energy, leverage integrated and retrofitted Flex MLPE (module-level power electronics) and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down. 4. Tigo Energy, Smart Solar, Module-level Monitoring, Rapid Shutdown, Optimization , PV Selective Deployment, PV Retrofit/Add-on Solutions, PV Optimizers, Module-level Power Electronics, and Flex MLPE.

[Energy Taiwan] DS Energy Technology New Product Launch

With growing demand for solar power plant operations and maintenance, DS Energy Technology established in 2017. DS Energy Technology is the only independent 3rd party company in Taiwan that provides O&M management and related services for solar power plants. Develop unique remote monitoring and dispatching system, and use intelligent data analysis and stream monitoring to quickly remove emergency and maximize power generation.

[Energy Taiwan] MEGA SUNERGY New Product Launch

MEGA SUNERGY has devoted to the latest manufacturing process of Shingled Array Module since 2017 and has researched and developed collaboratively with the world-renowned company. Howerver,Multi-Busbar half cut cell have become a mainstream in the market. MEGA have also already followed up and developed this trend in the KunShan factory in China and in Taiwan. MEGA SUNERGY is the only lawfully authorized factory which was granted the patent license by the world-renowned company. MEGA SUNERGY is located in Linguang Export Processing Zone, Kaohsiung and is mainly engaged in solar module manufacturing, providing OEM/ODM services, the design of application product, solar system integration and engineering. 「Professional manufacturing, Outstanding Service」has always been the aim of MEGA SUNERGY.

[Energy Taiwan] TAYA/USESYS New Product Launch

TAYA Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. TaYa has been in the cable manufacturing industry for 65 years, our product lines include, high, medium, low voltage cables, PV cables, and all kinds of control and communication cables. We have provided cables to many of the important infrastructures in Taiwan, such as power plants, tunnels, factories(TSMC), high-rise offices and houses. TaYa is aiming to be a key player in the energy industry, from power generating, power transmission, energy saving, energy storage. To discuss more into detail, power generating, is mainly about renewable energy, such as solar and wind power’s EPCI and development. Power Transmission is our well-known strength, we can produce up to 345kV cable which is the highest voltage cable use in Taiwan, providing good quality cables can help reduce the loss of energy during power transmission. Energy saving is a broad topic, at this stage we are focusing on the motor, we have a subsidiary that help companies to design power efficient motor. Moreover, TaYa keep developing better magnet wire, to make motor lighter and more efficient. The last but not the least, the energy storage system, by building more of the energy storage system will decrease power plant’s operating reserve. UNION STORAGE ENERGY SYSTEM LTD. • Company UNION STORAGE ENERGY SYSTEM LTD. is one of the subsidiaries of TaYa Group, committed to providing the superior solutions for the renewable energy. • Battery Pack The lithium ion battery packs integrated with the sophisticated battery management system, which offers high-precision SOC indication, battery health and communication protocols, thus to ensure our customers receive technically advanced battery solutions that meet the unique requirements of their specific applications. • Battery Energy Storage System This Storage System adopts modular design, therefore, variables such as the voltage and capacity can be customized for different applications by connecting multiple trays either in series or in parallel. High scalability allows the energy storage cabinet to be stacked ranging from the size of kWh to MWh. Providing power, according to the application requirements such as frequency control, peak shaving, energy shifting, etc.

[Energy Taiwan] NextDrive New Product Launch

About NextDrive Co. Founded in 2013, NextDrive is an Taiwan Internet of Energy (IoE) company. Through advancing Internet of Things technology, NextDrive provides one-stop-shop energy management services for power companies and energy retailers. Product: Cube Smart Energy Gateway Cube smart energy gateway, with built-in Wi-SUN, Wi-Fi, and BLE communication interfaces, connects to smart electric meters wirelessly, and obtains detailed electricity data through a dedicated APP. The visualization of home electricity allows users to effortlessly manage their electricity bills. Product: Atto Data Gateway Atto data gateway is a smart gateway with both data collection and computing functions. Atto can collect data from smart electric meters through Route B and uses RS-485 and two USB ports to connect with solar panels, batteries, and other energy devices. At the same time, the built-in nano SIM card uploads the data to the cloud, thereby enhancing the reliability and stability of the data transmission.