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2024 TaiSPO Day1 & Day2 Highlight

TAIPEI CYCLE 2024 promo video-Embracing the Taiwan journey with Chris

Join the journey with Chris Lintaman to see how he transformed from a national cyclist to a cycling shoe maker in Taiwan. *Special thanks to Yota Cycles & Hyena Inc. for their generosity and kind support. * Directed and produced by Play Screen玩劇影像 * Presented by TAIPEI CYCLE, TAITRA TAIPEI CYCLE 2025 【March 26-29 │ TaiNEX Hall 1 & 2】 Learn more information👉https://www.taipeicycle.com.tw/en/

TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards 2024: Jury on Site Record Video

Design innovations from all over the world were submitted for this year's competition, reflecting the steady growth of the bicycle industry. After two days of evaluation, 47 designs were selected by international experts, seven of which were honored with the prestigious TAIPEI CYCLE Gold Award for outstanding innovations. Explore all winning products👉https://ifdesign.com/en/taipeicycle-d-and-i-awards-2024-winner-overview For more information about TAIPEI CYCLE, please visit👉https://www.taipeicycle.com.tw/en/

Recap of 2023 TAIPEI CYCLE Day 1

TAIPEI CYCLE 2023 concluded successfully on 25 March as this year's exhibition welcomed the return of international buyers for the first time since the pandemic. In total, 4,200 international buyers from 81 countries attended the exhibition, with the top five buyer countries being Japan, South Korea, United States, Singapore, and Germany. The exhibition saw a 66% increase in footfall, compared to the previous year, with a total of 14,800 domestic visitors and 2,800 general public visitors passing through its doors. TAIPEI CYCLE 2023 continues online through the DigitalGo website until April 7. Plans are now underway for 2024, which will see TAIPEI CYCLE return to Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 and 2 from 6-9 March. For more information, please visit the official website at https://www.taipeicycle.com.tw/en/index.html

TAIPEI CYCLE網紅直播間(3/9 Part1)

自行車展展場將設置展中直播間(Taipei Cycle Live Studio!),於實體展期間,不間斷地放送專業自行車專業媒體及自行車網紅們領銜主持,由LindaLovesCycling、哲睿Jerry、新店奧特曼、Eva伊娃、SuSu、單車小D、李4楓單車、美樂玩不累、MTB101的Ian、松哥...等,帶來第一手的展場報導。

Future of Sports Tech ▎Sustainability in the cycling industry & Shift Climate Commitment

TOPIC: Sustainability in the cycling industry & Shift Climate Commitment SPEAKER: Eric Bronsvoort / Founder of Circular Cycling/ Director of Shift Cycling Culture Foundation TAKEAWAY: 1. Shift Cycling Culture: To bring CEOs together to discuss our goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030, and of being climate neutral by 2050 can be done. 2. Climate Commitment: The biggest impact is in supply chain. So the 14 CEOs wrote a letter to the industry which developed in to “Climate Commitment” signed by 50 companies after it’s launched. Taiwanese companies are invited to sign it, because it’ll be a signal to your customers that you are ready to join them on the challenges. They want to make the cycling industry an example which is not only providing a clean mode of transport but also innovative low-carbon products. 3. Circular Economy: Linear Model caused both ecological and economic waste. The biggest impact of bicycle is in the pre-use phase. Concepts of Circular Economy include NO finite resources, NO pollution, NO waste.

Future of Sports Tech ▎E-bike Micropayment

TOPIC: E-bike Micropayment SPEAKER: Samuel IJsselmuiden / Founder & CEO / Swugo TAKEAWAY: 1. New opportunities that are changing today that are making new innovation in the cycling industry include Circular Economy, Digital & Electronic Technologies, and Customer Expectations 2. Fairphone: Sustainable cell phone that allows you to repair individual parts that had failed. 3. Today Innovation is not ab out creating new products, it’s about tailoring services to your customers’ needs. 4. What are service models and why they are interesting. 5. How are subscription models different? 6. Swapfiets: a popular monthly bicycle subscription program 7. Without a working battery, any e-bike becomes worthless 8. Problem of Batteries: Complex, costly, and short lifecycle. 9. Solution: Electrification as a Service that transforms the most expensive part of an e-bike into a revenue generating asset. 10. Circular Battery Research

2023 TAIPEI CYCLE: Envision A Better Cycling World.

TAIPEI CYCLE 2023: 3/22-25 @TaiNEX 1 &2 TAIPEI CYCLE DigitalGo 2023:3/22 - 4/07 . TAIPEI CYCLE Official website: https://www.taipeicycle.com.tw/en/index.html . [~Watch in full screen mode and turn up the volume~] . Special thanks to #besv #bryton #IdealBike @gwmanufacturing5200 @novatecwheels SY bikes #WellgoPedal @PlayScreenStudio (production team) for helping TAIPEI CYCLE to make the best film ever.


Outdoor Taipei is an exhibition area at TaiSPO that promotes outdoor sports in a simulated environment. It brings together camping trailers, tents, fishing gear, as well as off-road bicycles and recreational vehicles to create a space for families to enjoy outdoor leisure activities, showcasing a comprehensive outdoor sports culture. If you enjoy outdoor sports, you definitely cannot miss Outdoor Taipei! https://www.taispo.com.tw/zh-tw/index.html

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